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Regeneración was founded in early 2016 through a series of conversations with community leaders. These conversations illuminated the need for a climate justice organization in Watsonville; Regeneración has emerged to address this need. Regeneración was founded on the principle that climate change is a social justice issue with local impacts and must be engaged with on a local level in order to build resilient communities.


Our work in 2016 included assembling a team and crafting a vision and mission statement and initial goals. In 2017, Regeneración began implementing projects: a mural on Rodriguez Street;  Our Mother Earth series of environmental justice films in partnership with the Watsonville Film Festival; a video research project with Watsonville High School video academy seniors; and the Healthy Children for a Healthy Planet festival.


Regeneración conducted community-based research to gain an understanding of  Pájaro Valley residents’ needs and hopes for climate action. We completed the survey in spring 2018 and shared results at the Climate of Hope gathering on May 3.

We will continue to publicize findings from the survey.

We amplify voices

Grassroots Survey 2017-18

Total 324 people surveyed

186 in person, 138 online

25 community members

stepped up as survey volunteers



84% Mexican or Latinx with 57% speaking primarily Spanish at home.

53% rent, 19% stay with family or friends, 25% own homes

73% of respondents were participating in a community survey for the first time.

More than half respondents both live and work in the Pajaro Valley.


Our survey sample closely matches the Pajaro Valley demographics of the adult population and documents the effects on and needs of people often absent from community program and policy conversations about solutions for climate change and pollution.


Think About Us

Our respondents demonstrated that both challenges and opportunities to meet the challenges of the changing climate are closely connected to the Pajaro Valley as an agricultural community.

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