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Electric For All

Electric Vehicle Equity

Transportation is no longer a commodity and has become essential to help people obtain and access different opportunities. To contribute to the environmental need for zero carbon emissions and work hand in hand to provide for the transportation needs of individuals we are working with organizations like

EV's For EVeryone across California to help dispel the myth that Electric Vehicles are out of their reach. 

The Purchase Guidance Survey will gauge your experience with electric vehicles and partner you with one of our Purchase Guidance Advisors. They will help connect you with different federal, state, and local incentives that can be used for $5000 to

 $14,000 towards the purchase or lease of a new or used EV. 

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Electric Vehicles are in your reach!

You could qualify for $5000 to $14,000 toward the cost of buying or leasing a new or used electric vehicle. 



Grants are incentives that are awarded on behalf of different programs. This money is yours to keep and use towards the put=rchase or lease of your EV.


Rebates are given through federal and state programs. These are awarded after the purchase of an EV with proper registration.


Electric Vehicles

All Battery Electric Vehicles

Plug-in Hybrid EV's

Hybrid EV's

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