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Volunteer Spotlight: Anissa

Meet Anissa, Regeneración volunteer, and amazing Climate Hero!

Check out this interview with Anissa to learn more about her and her climate journey!

❏How would you encourage others to be more environmentally conscious?

We only have one Earth, where our materials and resources are finite. Capitalism pushes individualistic and materialistic living, the Earth can’t support and endure this way. Living “business as usual” is no longer an option, we are in a climate crisis.

While I believe we should all live in an environmentally conscious way, we can’t forget that big companies like Amazon are the biggest contributors to climate change. While we make individual changes, it’s important to stay engaged with local/state news.

❏What is your favorite part about volunteering with Regeneracion??

Regeneracion has been a welcoming space for me, where I felt comfortable to ask questions, pitch ideas, and step outside of my comfort zone. The folks in this group have supported me in my journey with environmental justice and have inspired me to dream bigger for myself and my community.

❏How does climate change affect you personally?

Being a young adult amongst extreme weather changes has been terrifying. Seeing wildfires and hurricanes increased on a global scale is hard to watch because I know this level of severity will be more common due to climate change. The wildfires this Summer deeply affected Santa Cruz county and folks I know were being displaced. When it does happen, it’s amazing to see the community come together through mutual aid efforts.

❏Tell us one fun fact about yourself.

I love spoken word poetry and SOMETIMES perform my own work :-)

❏Can you share your favorite sustainability tip?

As cliche as it sounds, I love walking and using alternate forms of transportation when I can. Prior to COVID, I would carpool to work which saved money and gas. Now during Quarantine, I have come to appreciate my walks to the grocery store and coffee shops.

There is still time to donate to our end of year fundraiser with Santa Cruz Gives!

Your donation supports our work to create pathways to leadership for Climate Justice Activists!

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