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Support Pajaro Now After Flood!

Listen to testimony from Esperanza in this short video. Her house is pictured here.

English translation below.

Consider supporting with immediate relief or longterm recovery.


Places to donate financial assistance to directly support farmworkers after floods

Updated 3/15/23

Other places to donate for ongoing community support

Pajaro Flood Relief through local Community Foundations:

The Foundations will disperse money through local community organizations in a grant process. You can also inquire about earmarking your donation through a Foundation for a particular organization.

To volunteer:

Donation of other items: Text 831-288-3105. Donations accepted 10-4 at 1205 Freedom Blvd. #3b, Watsonville, 95076

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Esperanza's story:

It all began in the early morning of March 11, 2023, when it all started, a lot of noise from the firefighters alerting us that we had to evacuate, that it was an emergency. The water was leaking, so it was an emergency.

The first thing I grabbed was my daughters. We left without grabbing clothes, with nothing like nothing, nothing, I couldn't grab anything.It was very little time that they gave us to go out and your mind gets blocked.

You don't know what to do. It's very sad because you feel the impotence of not knowing how my house is inside, what happened? And it's not just me, the whole community, I'm asking for help for our whole community, for them to give us something, to tell us, to give us information even to know what is happening .

Is really sad not having a home, having everything and at the same time overnight being left with nothing because we are starting from scratch.

It is zero because many people say its just material loss, but the material has cost us a lot of effort to have, even if it is some shoes, it has been hard for us to work to obtain them .This has left us with nothing and is it something that can't be explained, my heart is in pieces.

And not just me, but all the people who are here, all going through this, I know, I understand them and there are people sleeping on the street, in cars, they don't receive the rights they should have. They send us to ask for help, we go and nothin - Text 831-288-3105. Donations accepted 10-4 at 1205 FrThey tell us that Monterrey County is not yet in a disaster order and we don't have help and right now we need help from, because from the moment they took us out, we need a place to sleep, to eat, be well and our children more than anything.

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