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November 2023 News: Meet our Climate Coalition Facilitator!

We are the ones we've been waiting for!

In the Monterey Bay Region we all need Regeneración - and Regeneración needs all of us.

We bring the community together across sectors, cultures, and generations, to build bridges and organize the collective action needed to mitigate harm to people, creatures, and landscapes.

We’d love you to join us as we pursue our ambitious goals.

In 2024, we will:

  • Kick off our Transformative Climate Communities planning process with residents of Pajaro and downtown Watsonville to develop a common vision for a resilient community that prioritizes greenhouse gas-reducing initiatives.

  • Organize a Monterey Bay Climate Justice Collaborative, bringing together justice and equity organizations that provide direct services to working class Latine residents. The collaborative will foster necessary community participation to guide local climate action implementation projects and adaptive planning.

  • Connect low income residents with electrification incentives and opportunities.

  • Partner with researchers and transportation experts to bring climate-related impact data into planning processes.

  • Work alongside peer nonprofits to continue facilitating recovery from 2023 disasters while co-hosting disaster preparedness workshops to get ready for the next rainy season

  • Educate policymakers on the urgent effects of climatic impacts upon local residents and advocate for transformative solutions.

We want you to know that this work is not yet fully funded.

This is where YOU come in.

We depend on caring and generous people like you to contribute according to your capacity. Each one of us can be a climate champion and help us secure funding by giving directly, asking others to give, or sharing our social media posts.

Together we will make a significant difference in the coming years. At Regeneración we are determined to protect a habitable planet and will do everything we can figure out to ensure we do! I invite you to take this on as your personal decision too!

Here are 3 easy ways to give:

-Donate securely on our website.

-Donate to us through Santa Cruz Gives, the community-wide fundraiser.

-Make a check out to Community Initiatives with Regeneration in the memo.

Mail to:


PO Box 1252

Freedom, CA 95019

Thank you.

With appreciation and conviction,

Nancy Faulstich, Director



Regeneración partnered with Telemundo - Spanish TV

on a recent 2 part series.

Listen to local residents and business owners describe their experience in the flood and recovery period in the first segment.

The second part captures the uncertainty that everyone is facing in a rapidly changing climate and emphasizes that disinvested communities are disproportionately suffering from climate impacts.


New Climate Displacement Data Base

Berkeley's Othering and Belonging Institute has released a terrific new resource. You can search by country and learn about each country's greenhouse gas emissions, estimated cost to handle climate impacts, and current numbers of displaced persons. Access the data base.


Working Class Needed in the Climate Movement

Food for thought:

Excerpts from article by Steven Eisenman

"What the new, environmental movement needs therefore is relentless and skillful organizing of grassroots, working-class communities impacted by climate change and environmental abuse. That means helping existing community-based organizations and leaders acquire the means (practical and financial) to expand and establish partnerships with allied groups nearby and at a distance."

This is EXACTLY what Regeneración is doing and we need your support!

"Better housing, more satisfying employment, and greater opportunities for leisure, recreation and education are some of the benefits that will accrue from a de-growth, lower energy, ecologically resilient, economy and society."

We believe this is what all working people want!


Shout out to Ileana Brunetti Ortega!

A native of Watsonville, Ileana will be facilitating the Community Climate Coalition meetings for our Transformative Climate Communities planning process.

She was recently appointed as Assistant Director of Sustainability for Equity & Co-Curricular programs at UCSC.

In this new role, she will further innovation in diversity, inclusion and equity for co-curricular education and research that advances sustainability, addresses climate change, and improves environmental operations at UCSC.


Grant Awarded

We are grateful to announce a $25,000 award from the Monterey Peninsula Foundation to advance a just transition away from fossil fuels in the Pajaro Valley, develop local climate justice leadership, and convene local climate action partners. Strong community support is key to our success! Thank you MPF!


Upcoming Events

  • 11/30- 12/12 COP 28 - United Nations Conference of the Parties, Saudi Arabia.


Our Updated Mission:

We will achieve climate justice through

community-driven solutions.

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