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December News: No better time to be alive!

Thank you for helping us come so far!

As 2023 comes to a close, I want to thank everyone who has talked about climate change with friends and family, attended a climate focused  event,  donated time or money to advance climate justice, or taken steps to lower their own carbon emissions. All of this matters!  Special thanks to all who have reached out to Regeneración to offer ideas, propose partnerships, or who have worked with us on grant proposals and collaborative projects. It is thrilling to be part of a growing movement!


We are all moving forward and in my opinion this is the very  best moment to be alive! Each one of us need only be ourselves and bring what we can to the worldwide effort to protect a habitable planet. What an amazing opportunity!



Tikkun olam - Hebrew for “world repair” has come to symbolize social justice.



It’s not up to anyone to handle everything. But we each need to do our part, and together we can fix what has been broken.


Gentle reminder - we are in the middle of our end of year giving campaign.

Thank you to the 100 generous people who have already given or pledged their support!


We believe gifts from just 150 more people will enable us to achieve our 2024 goals.


Please give according to your capacity  - whether that is $5, $50, $500, $5,000, or any other amount, and together we will raise all the funds needed.



Here are 3 easy ways to give:


-Donate securely on our website.

-Donate to us through Santa Cruz Gives   or Monterey County Gives, two community-wide fundraisers.

-Make a check out to Community Initiatives with Regeneration in the memo.

Mail to:


PO Box 1252

Freedom, CA 95019


Thank you. 



With hope for all that's ahead,

Nancy Faulstich, Director


with Eloy Ortiz, Special Projects Manager and Maria Perez, Community Organizer



Connection not consumption


This holiday season consider gifts that promote connection to people, nature, or causes. Over-consumption doesn't meet our needs or make us happier.  Image by Henning Sørby from Pixabay.


COP-OUT at COP 28?

This report from “CarbonBrief”--COP28: Key outcomes agreed at the UN climate talks in Dubai--summarizes the key outcomes from COP28, with links to supporting documents and key topics at the COP.  It’s a good summary of the highlights and disappointments.  

Agreement was finally made to phase out fossil fuels....but that's already underway, and the speed of the transition is not sufficient.


Good news! World’s first zero-waste island




The tiny Greek island of Tilos has undergone a green revolution, becoming energy self-sufficient and permanently closing its landfill site.


The island used to send 87% of its trash to a landfill, but now diverts 100% of it to recycling, composting, re-use, building materials, and fuel for the cement industry.


A sustained, thorough, re-education effort reached the entire population and achieved full participation.


There are no public trash cans on the island and all visitors to the island are oriented to participate successfully. 


This change has made Tilos more beautiful, enhanced community spirit, and increased eco-tourism.

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