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Announcing our 2024-2029 Strategic Plan!

We are proud to share Regeneración's first strategic plan, affirming our commitment to achieving climate and environmental justice and centering community-driven solutions. We deeply appreciate everyone who shared their expertise and perspectives with us during the planning process.

We're extremely grateful for guidance from Nicole Young of Optimal Solutions Consulting who steered us through the planning process. Many thanks to the Justice40 Accelerator for covering the costs of the plan development.

Here are a few highlights:


A safe, vibrant, climate resilient Pájaro Valley, where every person is healthy, thriving, and living in harmony with the natural world.


Achieve climate justice through community-driven solutions.


  • Community Voice – We value and honor the history of the original inhabitants and stewards of the land in the Pájaro Valley. We listen to and center frontline, community voices, especially of those most impacted by the harms of climate change, including Black, Indigenous, Latine and people of color, people with low incomes, and those who are marginalized based on language, disabilities, immigration status, or other characteristics. We recognize them as having the solutions for the Pájaro Valley.

  • Collaboration and Partnership – We build relationships based on shared values, shared power, trust, respect, and a collective commitment to climate justice.

  • Diversity and Inclusion – We commit to listening to, representing, and including the diverse voices, perspectives, values, and skills of Pájaro Valley community members throughout our work.

  • Equity – We work to eliminate systemic and structural barriers, such as environmental racism and institutionalized sexism so that all residents have good health and economic well-being.

  • Justice and Liberation – We strive to achieve human rights and freedom from all oppression, with the ultimate goal being justice and liberation for everyone.

  • Joy, Creativity and Love – We approach our work to end the climate crisis with joy, creativity and love, knowing it offers the opportunity to focus our time and energy on personal and community health and connections, and on achieving justice, eliminating toxins, and reducing inequities.

Our Big, Unifying Goal

Over the next five years, Regeneración will prioritize its resources and efforts to achieve this overarching strategic goal: Co-create, promote, and ensure implementation of community-driven, just climate solutions in local agricultural communities, serving as a beacon for other communities across the state.

We will work toward this goal by focusing on achieving key milestones within 1, 3, and 5 years in these priority areas, each of which is described further in the plan:

  1. Community Leaders & Advocates

  2. Organizational Partners

  3. Programs

  4. Organizational Infrastructure

  5. Funding

  6. Staffing

Our plan is ambitious and we intend to have a big impact! Please share feedback about the plan with us at

Let us know how you would like to get involved in helping us to achieve climate justice through community driven solutions!

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