One of Regeneración’s goals is to inform our community about the reality of the climate emergency, the effects of climate impacts on local residents, and actions everyone can take to reduce emissions and participate in a Just Transition to a society powered by renewable energy. We publish fact sheets, policy analyses, and infographics in English and Spanish.

Climate Change

What is it, why is it happening, and what can we do?

Heat Stress 

Human health depends on a healthy planet. Climate justice now!

Fact Sheet

Environmental changes & Their Effects on Workers of the Pajaro Valley

Policy Analysis

How a Changing Climate is Affecting Farmworkers in the Pájaro Valley

Survey Findings

View slideshow summarizing results of our 2017-18 grassroots survey.

Plant-rich diet

One of the most effective ways for an individual to reduce emissions and stop global warming is to change their diet. Eating more plant-based foods, reducing food waste, avoiding plastic packaging, and buying organic food that is produced locally are key actions we can each take to protect the living environment of the Earth for all.

Download Plant-rich diet Brochure


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