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October News: Peace for a stable climate

Image by ANDRI TEGAR MAHARDIKA from Pixabay

War is not compatible with a habitable planet...

My heart is breaking at the escalation of violence in Israel and Gaza.

Peace and unity are needed to protect a livable world. All people have the right to a homeland and freedom from persecution.

Remember that hurt people - hurt people. Oppressions must be ended in order to fully solve the climate crisis.

Martin Luther King: “We still have a choice today: nonviolent coexistence or violent co-annihilation. We must move past indecision to action.”

War is a huge contributor to climate change. War machinery is carbon intensive and oil companies profit.

Bombs, missiles, grenades, fires destroy infrastructure, homes, and belongings as well as killing and maiming people and causing immense trauma and generational suffering, pulling the world's attention away from solving the climate crisis.

It is not a coincidence that there have been so many wars in West Asia - “the Middle East.” Enormous amounts of oil have been found there. Conflicts inevitably benefit the owning classes while the poor and working classes are most likely to die.

It’s possible to back a two state solution and create permanent homelands for both Israelis and Palestinians. Here's a resource new to me on understanding Anti-Semitism and the role of Jews as middle agents.

Read Tikkun's statement of solidarity with the peoples of Israel and Palestine.


We recognize and uplift the humanity of all peoples in Israel/Palestine.

We call for an immediate ceasefire from Hamas and Israel.

We demand that basic needs be provided to Gazans.

We demand that the United States provide only humanitarian support to Israel and Gaza.

We support the creation of a movement that recognizes and affirms the humanity, dignity, and desire of both peoples to live in peace through reconciliation and justice.

What can we do to build unity in the face of this conflict?

  • Make space to listen to people around you as they process the ongoing events.

  • Look at where you are pulled to take sides.

  • Practice resolving conflicts without violence.

  • Remember that people are separate from governments and government policies.

  • Figure out your thinking about a just solution for both Palestinians and Israelis - Arabs and Jews - and find others to join you in working toward it.


Meet our new College Corps Fellow!

Sofia Amores is an undergraduate college student at California State University of Monterey Bay. She is majoring in Social and Behavioral Sciences with a minor in Pre-Law. She is joining as a College Corps Fellow with Regeneración through May 2024. Born in Los Angeles and raised in Long Beach, California, Sofia attended Long Beach City College where she attained her associate’s degrees in sociology, welding, and metal fabrication. For the past year, she has worked in Watsonville at a manufacturing company as a CNC programmer. On the weekends, she volunteers in Marina to help eradicate invasive plants and enjoys playing guitar with her partner.


Adapting Transportation Infrastructure for Climate-Safe Future

As climate change impacts intensify, safeguarding our transportation infrastructure is crucial for a resilient future.

Workshop: October 25, 202, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Lakeview Middle School, 2350 E Lake Ave., Watsonville

Can't attend? Share your thoughts via Regional Transportation Commission survey: English survey and Spanish survey.

Visit for more information about the project and upcoming workshops.


What's your vision of a thriving Pajaro Valley?

Take our 3 question survey now! We're loving the responses!

"Safe community spaces for POC, LGBTQ+, homeless, and/or migrant people."

"More parks or soccer field"

"This is a remarkable community with extraordinary nature - the ocean and the sloughs. It is one of the most fertile food producer - exceptional soil, water, and climate. Sharing the produce here and celebrating it, becoming all organic, and putting in the train would allow our community to nourish ourselves, expand our world, and invite visitors. The 411 Walker Depot is a great site to become a local farm mercado and an electric passenger train depot. Housing that is high density, low income and purchasable, along the train route would create a modern community and retain our valuable land and ocean."


Grant Awarded

We're excited to share we were chosen to receive an Employee Conservation Award from Monterey Bay Aquarium staff!

Funds will support us to develop a project in Pajaro called Through Youth Eyes: Climate Justice Photo-Voice Storytelling .


Climate vulnerability map

Check out this interactive map to view vulnerability to climate impacts by location!


Upcoming Events

  • 10/25, 6-7:30, Adapting Transportation Infrastructure for Climate-Safe Future, Lakeview Middle School, 2350 E Lake Ave., Watsonville

  • 10/29, time TBD. Emergency Preparedness workshop, Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Pajaro

  • 11/12, time TBD. Emergency Preparedness workshop, Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Pajaro

  • 11/15, Building Climate Resilient Communities, (Regeneración presentation of Transformative Climate Communities program and discussion), Pacific Grove Natural History Museum. Register here.

  • 11/30- 12/12 COP 28 - United Nations Conference of the Parties, Saudi Arabia.

In community,

Nancy Faulstich, Regeneración Director

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