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New Regeneración Staff and Heat Stress Brochure!

We are excited to welcome our new Office Assistant, Elizabeth Hernandez! Elizabeth is recent graduate of UC Davis where she studied Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems with an emphasis on Food & Society. She is bringing her knowledge and connections as a longtime resident of Watsonville! Her parents have lived in the Pajaro Valley and have worked in the strawberry fields for 15+ years as strawberry pickers . Elizabeth's agricultural background has inspired her to pursue environmental justice for her local community. She is hopeful to further bring utmost awareness and education about the complexity of our food arriving from farm to table. 

Regeneración staff continues to be available during the shelter in place order. We are offering opportunities for people to volunteer with us remotely based on each individual's unique skills. You can assist us with our Heat Stress Prevention Program by sharing our latest brochure on the effects of climate change to extreme heat in our area. If you or someone you know is connected to our agriculture community, please reach out to for more information and brochure distribution. Brochures are available in English and Spanish!

Difficult climate impacts will not stop as we continue to deal with this pandemic, so we are continuing our work to adapt and mitigate effects and plan a just recovery in the Pajaro Valley.

You can find all of our publications here:

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