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Electric Vehicles for Everyone!

Gas prices have been on a continuous rise for months now. Consumers continue to feel the burn of elevated prices while oil and gas companies are raking in record high profits at the expense of people dependent on gas powered cars.

In Santa Cruz County, 50-60% of our emissions come from transportation. In addition to polluting the air with harmful chemicals, the carbon dioxide emissions from gas cars are further accelerating the climate crisis. Our area continues to feel the effects of climate change which include the persisting drought, ravaging wildfires, and extreme heat waves.

A key climate solution is breaking up with our literally toxic relationship with fossil fuels; This means the electrification of our transportation systems. Luckily, local organizations- Ecology Action, Regeneración, and Central Coast Community Energy- are helping people make the switch from expensive, gas guzzling cars to zero emission electric vehicles. The folks at Electric Vehicles for Everyone are helping people make the switch by guiding customers through the entire process of getting an EV including applying for the over $10,000 in grants and rebates available to low-middle income residents.

So get ready to dump the pump and sign up at

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